Our facility is also in the SPA and wellness section; such as Turkish bath, sauna, massage and thalasso services there are possibilities. Turkish bath and sauna facilities in Didim Beach Resort section free. Elegance Thalasso Center is also paid.


When your holiday is over, rest your soul and body from our hotel you will leave. Many Spa programs for your soul and body in our spa center available. Long story short, Didim Beach Resort & Elegance Thalasso for a whole year full of great care and beauty suggestions that will wipe you off your tiredness.


The service offered in the Turkish bath is the art and culture of Anatolian culture and It resembles a ceremony to rest. Exotic aromas and radiant warmth You will feel like sultans living in the past. Hot in the bath With the relaxing effect of the steam, your body warms up and your skin becomes soft. Sultan, You will not be able to get rid of the influence of Pasha and Scheherazade for a long time.


Sea water contains minerals and beneficial elements just like in our body; copper, magnesium, iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium, sodium ... Thalasso therapy feeding with minerals and elements, regeneration and strengthening of the immune system provides. All beneficial minerals and elements in the sea content water has a temperature of 33-35 degrees to penetrate and interact it must be. Thalasso therapy is also a treatment made with heated sea water. It's not just sea water in therapy; like heated seaweed, heated mud, sea salt assistants are also used. And so sea water penetrates your whole body, it makes you feel refreshed again.